Fuel Your Weight Loss Journey with These Recommended Foods – Lose Weight Tips


Recommended foods for overweight people

recommended food If you want to lose weight permanently, you need to fundamentally change your habits of eating. Just counting calories is not enough. Even if you are able to lose weight this way, you are not going to be successful with this method in the long run.

After you finished the diet, you will quickly gain back the weight you lost. It is very common that shortly after the end of a diet, you will be even heavier than you were before the diet. This is a devil's circle from which you can only escape if you consequently change your habits of eating.

Many foods have a major impact on your body weight and happiness. This impact can be positive or negative. You should therefore eliminate some of the calorie bombs from your dining plan in order not to jeopardize your weight loss success.

In order to lose weight successfully, it is not only important to eat less, but also to have a well-balanced eating plan with high-quality foods.


How to eat if you are overweight – The most important tips in an overview

  1. Healthy eating is the basis for a healthy lifestyle. Prefer foods made with whole grains. They are high in fiber, which makes you feel full and keeps you full for a longer time.

  2. Fruit and vegetables are also high in fiber. Eat steamed vegetables, raw vegetables, and fresh fruit every day. This will ensure that you get enough vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

  3. Take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables. This will add variety to your dining plan.

  4. Eat no more than two or three 125 gram portions of meat and no more than 150 grams of sausage per week.

  5. Eat lean fish once or twice a week. Try pollock, plaice, or cod.

  6. Use as little fat and oil as possible. Don't spread butter or margarine too thickly on bread, and measure out the amount of oil that you will need to prepare your meals. Olive oil is ideal for salads. Rapeseed oil is best for frying.

  7. Before each meal, drink a glass of water or another low-calorie drink.

  8. Drink at least 2 liters of liquid every day, water is best.

  9. Try to limit the amount of sweets and baked goods you eat.

  10. Try to avoid alcohol as much as possible.

  11. Eat your meals slowly and avoid snacks while watching TV or at work.

Choose foods with a low energy density. Lower energy density means fewer calories per 100 grams. This makes it easier to achieve the calorie deficit you want and lose weight without feeling hungry.


The best foods to eat to lose weight

Food additional information Quantity Calories
Whole grain bread

If you eat bread, then choose whole grain. It contains lots of fiber, which keeps you full for a long time.

100 g 212 kcal

White beans and kidney beans are filling good. High in protein and fiber.

100 g 31 kcal

The perfect vegetable for losing weight. Contains lots of fiber and protein.

100 g 34 kcal
Curly kale

The vegetable for losing weight. Contains lots of fiber and vitamin C.

100 g 50 kcal
Brussels sprouts

Perfect for weight loss. It is rich in fiber and protein.

100 g 36 kcal

The perfect food to help you lose weight. They keep you feeling full longer and are high in protein.

100 g 77 kcal

The fat killer fish helps you lose weight. It also provide you with egg white and protein.

100 g < 100 kcal
Low-fat quark

A very good source of egg white with lots of protein and very low fat, which makes you feel well full.

100 g 67 kcal
Natural yogurt

Natural yogurt is a great source of egg whites, high in protein and low in fat, just like low-fat quark.

100 g 62 kcal

Unpeeled apples provide plenty of vitamins and minerals. In fact, unpeeled apples has nearly twice the fiber and 40 percent more vitamin A than peeled apples.

100 g 52 kcal

Unsweetened Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, etc. are a good source of valuable vitamins and minerals.

100 g 42 kcal

Water is the perfect drink for losing weight. When cooled, it even burns calories.

100 g 0 kcal