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What is Normal Weight?

What is Normal Weight? The two terms normal weight and ideal weight are often used interchangeably. However, there is an important difference. Normal weight indicates a range that is considered healthy. According to the WHO classification, your body weight is in the normal range if your BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9. The Body Mass Index is a good guide if you want to know whether your body weight (physically tcorrect: Body Mass) is in the normal range or not.

Use our Smart BMI Calculator to find out your personal body weight right now, free and without obligation. Your BMI will change significantly over the course of your life. That's why our BMI calculator takes into account not only your height and weight, but also your age and gender. The BMI calculator is intended to use by adults and teens aged 14 and older.

Normal weight is the body weight that is considered a healthy weight under normal circumstances. The focus is on health when determining normal weight. Aesthetics and beauty ideals are not considered.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is now widely used to calculate a person's normal weight. The value is calculated from the body weight in kilograms (kg) and height in meters (m) using the following formula.

BMI = Body Weight
Body Height2

Men and women are different

The BMI is a simple formula that will help you to get a correct estimate of your body weight. Nothing more, nothing less. To find out whether your weight is healthy, the WHO has published this BMI chart for men and women.

Body Weight Evaluation BMI Women
Underweight < 17,5
Normal Weight 17.5 – 24,0
slightly Overweight 24,0 – 26,5
moderately Overweight 26,5 – 29,0
Obesity Grade 1 29,0 – 34,0
Obesity Grade 2 34,0 – 39,0
Obesity Grade 3 > 39,0

Body Weight Evaluation BMI Men
Underweight < 18,5
Normal Weight 18.5 – 25,0
slightly Overweight 25,0 – 27,5
moderately Overweight 27,5 – 30,0
Obesity Grade 1 30,0 – 35,0
Obesity Grade 2 35,0 – 40,0
Obesity Grade 3 > 40,0

for example:
According to the BMI table, a 1.75 m tall man weighing 75 kg is of normal weight. A woman of the same height who also weighs 75 kg is already slightly overweight. She mustn't weigh more than 73.5 kg to be of normal weight.

When evaluating the BMI, differences are made between men and women, because women usually have less muscle mass than men.