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What is the normal weight and what is the ideal weight?

Calculate normal weight - Broca Index The Broca Index is a measure to calculate a person's normal weight. Like the Body Mass Index, the Broca formula doesn't take into account individual stature. The calculation of ideal weight only distinguishes between men and women. The main advantage of Broca's formula is that you can use mental arithmetic to determine your normal and ideal weight.

Calculate normal weight and ideal weight using the Broca formula

for women
Normal weight = Body height in cm - 100 - 5%
Ideal weight = Normal weight - 15%

for men
Normal weight = Body height in cm - 100
Ideal weight = Normal weight - 10%

Broca's formula allows a quick and easy estimation of the physical situation for adults. The calculated values only provide reasonable values for people of average height (i.e. height from 1.55 meters to a maximum of 1.85 meters). The formula is not suitable for small people, especially children. Broca's normal and ideal weights are too low for small people and too high for tall people.

A body weight that is up to 10% above or below Broca's normal weight is considered to be acceptable.

The Broca index is calculated by dividing your current body weight by your normal weight, which is calculated using Broca's formula. This value should be between 0.85 and 1.0. However, recent studies have shown that the greatest life expectancy is achieved at a weight greater than the calculated ideal weight. You are overweight if your weight is more than 10% above Broca's normal weight.